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          • 1、介紹岳陽樓的英語導游詞介紹岳陽樓的英語導游詞1 Dear tourists Hello everyone, welcome to Yueyang Tower, one of the three famous buildings in Jiangnan. Yueyang Tower is a national key cultural relic protection unit and one of the first batch of national 4A tourist areas. The landscape characteristics of Yueyang Tower can be summarized into four aspects. First, it has a long history. Yueyang Tower, formerly known as Yuejun tower built by Lu Su, was built in the 19th year of Jian'an in the Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 22

            2、0_) and was named Yueyang Tower in the 2nd year of Qianyuan in the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 759). It has the longest history among the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River. Second, the scenery is unique. Yueyang Tower is composed of river, lake, mountain and city. Baling Sheng shape, a trace in the Dongting, the title of the distant mountains, swallow the Yangtze River, vast, boundless horizontal, morning and evening Yin, magnificent. The poet Du QinYong said: the vast snow waves w

            3、ith smoke, the sky and the West back painting, the building is very beautiful scenery, a mountain nine lake. Yueyang Tower is a marvelous praise for its geographical shape. It is strong with water, beautiful with mountains and better than Jiangnan in shape. Third, it has a profound culture. Yueyang Tower poetry anthology contains more than a few famous works, a large number of couplets, plaques, paintings and inscriptions, most of which are permeated with the sense of hardship of the Chinese nat

            4、ion. _In Du Fu's climbing the Yueyang Tower, he said, I heard the Dongting water in the past, but now I'm going to the Yueyang Tower. In the southeast of Wu and Chu, heaven and earth float day and night. Family and friends have no word, old and sick have their own boat. The army passes the mountain north, depending on the Xuan tears Si flow His concern for the prison and the people is beyond expression. Fan Zhongyan's Yueyang Tower is the development of this excellent tradition to th

            5、e peak. The philosophy of not to be happy with things, not to be sad with yourself, At that time, Su Dongpo expressed his emotion that although it is not easy for a sage to rise again, which Liu Shaoqi introduced as the criterion for the cultivation of Communist Party members, Hu Yaobang praised as the crystallization of traditional Chinese virtues. It is indeed the most precious cultural relics of Chinese spiritual civilization. Among the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River

            6、, only Yueyang Tower is a national cultural relic with historical, artistic and scientific value. The Yueyang Tower now seen is a pure wood structure. It was overhauled in 1983 according to the principle of keeping the old as it is. It has four columns, three floors, cornices and helmet top. The whole building is made of wood without a brick or a nail. The door joints are mortise and tenon. The workmanship is very exquisite. In history, Yueyang Tower has been destroyed and repaired for more than

            7、 50 times. Friends, this couplet in front of the door, Dongting Tianxia water, Yueyang Tianxia tower, is extracted from the five character quatrains of Wei Yunzhen, a poet of the Ming Dynasty. The last two sentences of this poem are who is the scholar in the world, drinking on the top of the building. Today, you are going to be the corporal of the day. Let's enjoy the profound Yueyang Tower culture and the magnificent mountains and rivers of Yueyang with Dongting as the wine. Maybe you will

            8、be as drunk as Li Bai. On the wall of Baling ancient city, the Xiaoxiang archway in the South Pole and the Wuxia archway in the north were built in the Qing Dynasty. The couplets of chanting scenery in the two places are all written by famous artists. In the north of the ancient times, he Shaoji, a great calligrapher of the Qing Dynasty, wrote couplets, and Li duo, a famous calligrapher of the contemporary era. In the south, Zhang Zhao, who wrote Yueyang Tower in the Qing Dynasty, and Liu Haisu,

            9、 a contemporary master of calligraphy and painting, wrote the couplet. From then on, we can see that Yueyang Tower was loved by literati of all ages. Now in front of you is Yueyang Tower. The three characters of Yueyang Tower on the horizontal plaque were inscribed by Mr. Guo Moruo, and now it has been compiled into the book named plaque of Zhongjun. Yueyang Tower is 2135m high, 1724m wide and 14.56m deep. Three story three eaves, helmet top type wood structure, covered with yellow glazed tiles. The helmet top is a prominent feature of Yueyang Tower. You can see that it looks like the helmet of an ancient general. It is powerful and majestic. With cornices, it has smooth curves and gives people a sense of power. Looking at the Ruyi Dougong under the helmet top, it looks like a beehive. It is decorated with dragon head, phoenix head and cloud head. It not only supports the gravity of the helmet top, but also makes the whole building more exquisite,


          雁楠中學 20230513224122 2022 公安主題黨日 部編版四年級第三單元綜合性學習課件 機關事務中心2022年全面依法治區工作總結及來年工作安排 入黨積極分子自我推薦 世界水日ppt 關于構建更高水平的全民健身公共服務體系的意見 空氣單元分析 哈里德課件 2022年鄉村振興駐村工作計劃 空氣教材分析 五年級下冊科學教材分析 退役軍人事務局季度工作總結 集裝箱房合同 2021年財務報表 2022年繼續教育公需課 2022年公需課 2022年日歷每月一張 名詞性從句在寫作中的應用 局域網技術與局域網組建 施工網格 薪資體系 運維實施方案 硫酸安全技術 柔韌訓練 既有居住建筑節能改造技術規程 建筑工地疫情防控 大型工程技術風險 磷酸二氫鉀 2022年小學三年級語文下冊教學總結例文 少兒美術-小花 2022年環保倡議書模板六篇 2022年監理辭職報告精選 2022年暢想未來記敘文精品 企業信息化建設與管理課程實驗指導書范本 草房子讀后感-第1篇 小數乘整數教學PPT課件人教版五年級數學上冊 2022年教師個人工作計劃范本-工作計劃 國學小名士經典誦讀電視大賽觀后感誦讀經典傳承美德 醫療質量管理制度 2 2022年小學體育教師學期工作總結 2022年家長會心得體會集合15篇 農村發展調研報告_1范文 2022年電腦說明文作文合集六篇 2022年防溺水初中生演講稿 2021最新36歲兒童學習與發展指南心得體會 2022年新生迎新晚會策劃書模板 20 xx年教育系統計劃生育工作總結
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